Saturday, March 28, 2009

Purple and Greens Oh MY!

I love Reds..but I really love Purples and Greens !!
I have been thinking of purchasing something at the quilt shop for a while now and decided to finally treat myself.
This is a beautiful line of fabric by RJR. It is called "Violetta".
I have been in love with it since it has entered our shop a while ago.
It is the prettiest fabric I have ever seen!
What I purchased is called a charm pack..but it is not your usual charm pack.
It is called "Twice the Charm". It is made up of 26 pieces of fabric. each piece measuring 5 1/2" x 22".
You get a sampling of every piece in the line of "Violetta" So SWEET!! :)
Now , you ask, what shall I do with it? Who was a must have. You know how that goes. I WILL find a use for day, I am sure of it!
I like to make lots of little things. So I am sure to put it to good use.
Just look at all the beautiful colors. Off to drool.......



  1. Sometimes you just have to have things like that just to fondle.

    I wouldn't have left it there either, LOL

  2. I like all the lavenders...hint hint

    Love you,

  3. The colors are beautiful...happy stitching!

    Roberta Anne

  4. Hi Louise,

    I am wondering if you ever used this bundle of fabric. I have a project I'm working on and don't have enough to finish it. If you have not used it, would you consider selling it?

    Thanks in advance,


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