Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eyes For A New Friend

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I met a special new Friend when she came into the quilt shop I work at.
She wanted to know if anyone did cross stitch. She had promised to make two cross stitched pieces for her grandchildren a while back, and had only started one.
Over the years, she had said she was having trouble seeing, and was wondering if someone could help her with these projects she so wanted to do for her grandchildren that are now much older. It meant so very much for her to have these pieces done for them. I was more than happy to help her out. I could see how much it meant to her.
They were StoneyCreek designs, Why God made little Boys, and Why God made little girls. I finished the little boy one for her that she had already started, and I stitched the Little Girl one for her.

I phoned her tonight to let her know I finally finished the little Girl design..she sounded so delighted on the phone! It made my heart smile. I was so happy that I could help someone out like this.
I believe that God blesses each and every one of us with different talents..
we need to use our talents and also use them to help each other at times too.

She keeps asking me what she owes me...
I keep telling her, "only a hug"




  1. Louise, beautiful work and that is so sweet of you to help her out. I am sure she is so very thankful!

  2. That is a gorgeous finish and you are so kind to do that without pay.

  3. Louise..that is gorgeous! What a wonderful thing to do! I did that for DH's aunt one time....it was a kit her daughter had picked for her to do for her grandson and her eyes weren't up to it...she had done some.....anyway, I finished it and she was happy.
    Her granddaughter will surely love this!!

    Take care

  4. I have to type left handed but I wanted to stop by and see what you are doing.

    from Roberta Anne
    The Raggedy Girl

  5. You did beautiful work on both of those pieces. You did a great thing by finishing them for her.

  6. Oh Louise!! What a wonderful, kind thing you have done. YOU have just made my heart smile too:)



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