Friday, February 20, 2009

"Stitchers Showcase"

I have received an email from Ann telling me all about her new website on the internet that her and her husband had set up for us stitchers! They have sent me a special invite and I have decided to join.
It is called "Stitchers Showcase" and it is just for us stitchers to showcase our talents.
I have already been to the site, and it is truly wonderful!
You can set up a profile, put pictures of your works of art, post to other members and more.
It really is a special place full of nice people who enjoy our love of needlework, and we can share our common interests.
I think it is worth the trip for you to venture on over to this wonderful site!

Just click on the link , you won't be disappointed!
Stitchers Showcase

Hope to see you there!

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