Thursday, January 29, 2009

Doll Quilt for my niece

My beautiful Niece Autumn will be 5 years old! I wanted to make her something so very special. I so wished that I lived near her to give her all my love, hugs and kisses. But for now I will have to put my love into special things that I pour my heart into and ship them to her :) I love her so much!

here is a special doll quilt that I made for her dolls to keep warm.
This is my very first doll quilt that I have sewn, and I have made a little pillow to go with it too.

I was at work today when I received a phone call from her. She received the box of goodies from me and she was so happy! I so wanted to talk to her longer.
It was so wonderful to hear her little voice on the other end. She told me she loved me :) I wanted to just jump through that phone and squeeze her!


I love being an aunt to a beautiful angel,


  1. Louise...that is beautiful!!!!
    I truly believe gifts from the heart are so special!! That is what I am trying to do througout this year...for that mean something.....

    Anyway.....gorgeous job!!!


  2. Beautiful quilt.

    Hey, Louise, can you PM me on haven? I have something for you.

  3. Louise,
    I truly believe that you are an angel sent from heaven! Thank you a million times over for being such a generous, loving sister. You mean the world to us, always remember that. Autumn is such a blessed young lady to have such a beautiful soul in her life. The miles between us are but a stones throw away in my heart.
    Love you so much, Nicole and Autumn


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