Saturday, January 10, 2009

Consignment Shop Find!

I had a wonderful day with my wonderful husband today.
He had been away with his job and I was so looking forward to
his arrival back home. We spent the day out to lunch, then
browsing some local shops. We went to a consignment shop and I was
quite surprised with all the wonderful treats I found inside!
What really caught my eye was this lovely cross stitched piece that I could not leave the shop without purchasing. I know how much time, patience and love must have gone into stitching this piece. If you look at the top of this work of art, you can see the stitchers name "ERMA". Wherever you are Erma, thank you. For now your talents from your hands, grace our home.
You just never know what you might find second hand ...
for someone elses trash, just may become your treasure!


  1. Love it! That's the first time I have seen that saying. It wound up in the right hands, as it describes you and your home perfectly! God Bless Erma!

  2. and stitched in 1985!! What an awesome find!! Congrats:)

  3. I'm sure Erma would be proud :-)

  4. What a treasure you did find! Wherever Erma is, I'm sure she is smiling.

    Happy Stitching...


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