Monday, October 6, 2008

Pretty Pillows for my daughter

My daughter's new favorite color is Aqua. I have chosen some colorful fabrics to make her some pillowcases. I just finished sewing this one this morning. I will be picking out fabrics for my son soon, and making a special one for his room too (he likes greens!). With working in a quilt shop, it is so hard not to buy all the fabrics that are there. Some of them are so beautiful. I am in love with the Moda line called "Smores". I will be making more pillowcases for the winter out of this line of fabric soon.
The weather here in North Carolina is just beautiful this time of year. I bought a bunch of apples yesterday while shopping with my husband Patrick. I plan on surprising him with a homemade baked apple pie when he arrives home from work tonight :)
I found a recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal bars on the internet this past weekend. I tried it out, and it did not turn out as expected, so I won't be posting it here!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday, I am one of the lucky ones, I happen to be off from work today. I am spending my day sewing and stitching.
It is Lovely!
Raggedy Stitches,

ps, don't buy your Halloween candy ahead of time. You may not have any left when Halloween comes, don't ask me how I know this!!! ;)


  1. Louise,
    I love your pillowcase...your fabric choices and colors! How fun and pretty. Hmmm....I feel another inspiration :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Cindy F.

  2. oooh Love the pillows. you did a beautiful job on those. How pretty and fresh looking. I know she will love them,Kimberly in TN

  3. Lovely pillows. Love the fabric.xx


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