Monday, August 25, 2008

Grandmother's Basket

My Grandmother used to sit with her little basket of sewing notions and make little things. I remember when I was little, she once showed me how to make yo-yo circles out of scrap fabrics.
"Years ago", my grandmother said, "women made do with the things they had". They never let anything go to waste... They were very thrifty in those days... Nothing was thrown away. My Grandmother would take old clothes and cut the circles needed for yo-yo's. She would create the yo-yo's, which would eventually turn into a beautiful antique memory filled quilt. For with each piece of fabric a story could be told.
One day my Grandmother asked me if I wanted that quilt, and with that, she also asked me if I wanted her little "sewing basket", filled with extra vintage fabric circles she had cut.
Back then, being in my teens, I didn't think I really wanted these items..but now I am so glad that I accepted these treasures from her. Everytime I put my hand into this basket, I think of her, and what she might have been creating at the time.
How blessed I was to have a beautiful Grandmother that not only loved me, but taught me the simple things in life can be so wonderful.
I miss my Grandmother, but glad she has passed on so many wonderful memories to me.

Raggedy Stitches from the heart,


  1. That is lovely! Thank you for sharing and for keeping that pretty basket.

    You have a surprise waiting for you on my blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing. The more time that passes the more we are losing these simple basics of life taight treasures.

    I only was fortunate to know one of my grandmothers and that was only for a short time. The time that I did was such a treasure,he love and work ethics were passed on to us all.

    Take care Louise

  3. What a great memory. Thank you for sharing.

  4. it's wonderful basket!!

  5. Love the basket and the memories it brings can't be replaced.

  6. How beautiful. Thx for sharing. I recently purchased yo-yo makers & one of these days, hope to figure out how to use them! My yo-yos were always terrible : )

  7. What a sweet story. You were lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with your grandmother. My grandmother taught me how to make Raggedy Ann dolls when I was younger. Everytime I make one I think of her.


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