Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just the beginning!

Just the beginning of my week.
Should I go back to bed and wait for next week?

On Sunday I went to Kohls with my son to get him a nice outfit to wear for graduation.
As I pushed the cart, there was in the middle of our pathway a pair of pants laying on the floor. Of course, being nice, I stopped my cart, and bent down to pick up the pants.
I guess I should have left them there this time.
As I bent down to get the pants, I hit a rod sticking out from a display that had clothes on it.
I hit it HARD!
I saw stars, I couldn't believe how bad my arm hurt...

My arm had a nice big bruise on it for a long time...

This morning, as I made my breakfast, I decided to empty the dishwasher. What was I thinking???
I have officially declared housework hazardous too.
I went to put a big heavy mug into a cabinet, it fell out of my hand, hit the counter, and bounced into the carafe of the coffee maker. The glass on the coffee maker shattered everywhere. Now it is broken..no coffee for hubby! Not until we get a new carafe. ( I think that is what you call it?)

Should I just crawl into bed and skip work today?
Would love to do that , but I can't.

Need money to buy a new glass carafe for the coffee maker.

Let's hope this is IT for this week!



  1. Ouch! That is a nasty bruise. Hope the rest of your week improves.

  2. wow that bruise looks nasty , I hope your week improves


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