I grew up on Long Island in New York. Although I moved away to Florida in my 30's, I still have that distinct accent. Everyone knows where I was raised! Growing up I had a strong love for animals. I had rabbits, gerbils, birds, and a cat that I would always sneak into the house at night to keep in my room overnight. I was first introduced to a sewing machine while in middle school. I took a sewing class as an elective. I began hand needlework many years later on. My first projects were simple dolls which I enjoyed hand crafting. I married a handsome Sailor many years ago who is the love of my life. We raised our two children in North Florida, a Son and a Daughter. Our Son is presently serving in the United States Navy,(following in his Father's footsteps!) I miss him terribly... and our Daughter is a recent graduate from high school, and our heart hero! (having survived open heart surgery at birth for congenital defects), I am so very proud of both our children.
I have worked many different jobs over the years..but the most impressionable one was when I worked with handicapped children. It touched my heart so deeply, I loved each and every child I worked with as if they were my own. I have made many close friends over the years and some I have lost too soon. I miss them dearly.
Time has a way of changing things. We now reside in NC, and just love living here.
I have always had a fondness of all things country...Dolls, Dollhouses, Raggedy Ann, Needlework, Crochet, Primitives, Sewing..and so much more.
I too love to bake. I love to bake for others quite often.
My favorite season is the Fall.
I love the smell of apples and cinnamon...fresh laundry from a clothesline...lilacs in a big bunch that I used to get from my Grandmothers house...and the smell of my Grandmothers home made bread.
I love bluebirds.
I love Raggedy Ann.
I love Primitive things.
I love Hearts.
I love Angels.
I love Bunnies.
I love God!
I love my stitching friends..
I love anything relating to Needlework...buttons, fabric, lace, trims, threads, beads, etc...

I. Love. My. Family!

I. Love. My. Life!

Raggedy Stitches,

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  1. I just found your blog through a search for Carolina Stitcher to see if she had any updates. When I opened your blog and saw the house in your header I said to myself, my dream house! Then I saw your post on the apple pie, my favorite and I loved the little hearts. So going to have to find a cutter for that. Then when you showed your KitchenAid that made me look at new beater for mine. So I came back to go through your recipes as I have always liked baking and home made sweets. So then I decided to read your information and found someone who loves Raggedy Ann. I had both her and Andy when a child and they were my most beloved "toy"/best friends. I read the books and loved them too. I crochet also, love to sew, learned needlepunch this past year, started to hook a rug (liked doing that too), and am going to re-learn to quilt. Especially like civil war fabrics. I live in NC too, near Greenville, and have a handicapped granddaughter and a healthy grandson. And l love animals and bluebirds. We have several bluebird nesters in our yard and sometimes we sit out to bird watch. I had to write and tell you I know I am going to enjoy your blog! Someday soon I hope to do a blog, but I still work part-time and am busy with going to grandson's ball games, cross-stitching, fixing up my home, and having my granddaughter over! It is time to retire! Almost. Thank you for your blog!


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