Monday, August 15, 2016

The sewing method

A while back I made a video of "The Sewing Method" of cross stitch.
This is a way I do much of my stitching that may have sections of solid color.
This method can only be done when using solid colors of threads, such as DMC.
You can not do this method using overdyed threads, as they are not even in coloring.
 For overdyed threads you must complete one "x" at a time, so this method would not work.
When using this "sewing" method of cross stitch, you stitch the (lower leg) of the cross stitch, going from left to right along a row, then you stitch the (upper, top leg) of the cross stitch going from right to left. It really is a simple method once you get the hang of it, and decreases your stitching time greatly!

To start, you put your needle in the lower left hole of a stitch, then to the top right, and so on..across your row, left to right to the end of the row...then, as you come back, you put your needle in the lower right, then top left holes..and so on, as you go across right to left in your row. I hope this all makes sense for you, and helps you in your "sewing method" ventures!

Louise's Sewing Method of Cross Stitch CLICK HERE!

I thought I should share it with you all .
Enjoy and Happy Stitching!
 Louise xx

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