Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Farmhouse Christmas

My newest finished piece. Farmhouse Christmas by Pineberry Lane. Stitched on linen I bought off a bolt at Joanns fabric store which I coffee and tea stained. I used Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe Hand Dyed Floss. The colors I used are Flag Pole Brown, Grand Old Flag(red) and Antique Stripes(cream).

I told my dear husband I wanted a farm...
He told me to make a list! (Now I'm wondering if he is serious)!! He just might be! 
My mind is wandering, chickens, ducks... Oh my!! Squeeee!!!
I know one day this will happen... In my heart I have been a farm girl my whole life. I want to see this become a reality
Before I am too old.
If you dream it, wish it, believe it,
Pray for it,
It can happen, I know God can make it happen.
He knows what has been in my heart since I was a little girl. 
I have faith... Maybe, perhaps...
One day ...
Louise xx

Monday, August 15, 2016

The sewing method

A while back I made a video of "The Sewing Method" of cross stitch.
This is a way I do much of my stitching that may have sections of solid color.
This method can only be done when using solid colors of threads, such as DMC.
You can not do this method using overdyed threads, as they are not even in coloring.
 For overdyed threads you must complete one "x" at a time, so this method would not work.
When using this "sewing" method of cross stitch, you stitch the (lower leg) of the cross stitch, going from left to right along a row, then you stitch the (upper, top leg) of the cross stitch going from right to left. It really is a simple method once you get the hang of it, and decreases your stitching time greatly!

To start, you put your needle in the lower left hole of a stitch, then to the top right, and so on..across your row, left to right to the end of the row...then, as you come back, you put your needle in the lower right, then top left holes..and so on, as you go across right to left in your row. I hope this all makes sense for you, and helps you in your "sewing method" ventures!

Louise's Sewing Method of Cross Stitch CLICK HERE!

I thought I should share it with you all .
Enjoy and Happy Stitching!
 Louise xx

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Love Never Fails

I am so excited to finally have our anniversary piece finished! This is a very special piece and I have been working on it since February of this year.
This is titled "Love Never Fails" by Barbara Ana Designs. Stitched on 32 count antique Ivory linen with DMC threads. I have changed the design up a bit to make it more personal for us.
In place of the cats, I put bunnies, for my love of rabbits. A pair of scissors and a needle for my love of needlework.
For my husband, an anchor, as he had served in the U.S. Navy. Another anchor for him, because he is just that, the anchor of our family.
The years at the top represent the year we got married and the present year.
In the bottom boxes, our birth years.
Small hearts with first initials for our Son, his wife (our daughter), and our daughter.
Two small crosses represent the babies we did not get to meet here on earth but will one day in heaven!
A compass to remind us that whatever lies ahead of us, our love will always guide us...

I am completely thrilled with this piece! I have plans to frame it in an oak frame and it will be hung in a special place in our home...
Thinking on what to stitch next!
In the meantime.... I have also completed another donated blanket for veterans through our church ministry.
Love the red, white, and blue!

May the recipient feel all the love, prayers, and warmth out into each stitch as I made it for them ❤️

Our crepe myrtle tree has finally blossomed in front of our porch. It is so beautiful to look at, along with watching the hummingbirds, while I sit with my tea and projects.

I have pulled out some charts I would like to start soon...
One is this one, called "Land of the Free" by Willow Hill Samplings

The other design I would love to start is called "Time and Season Sampler" by Moira Blackburn

What to do... What to do..!!!!
Perhaps I shall start both at once! I know, that's possibly a bit too much overwhelming perhaps.. I don't know?
I am just so excited with the possibilities of new starts!
I suppose I have come down with startitis! Heehee :P

Well, besides all this good stuff, there is laundry to do, food to be made, housework to get done... Oh my...
Never seems to be enough hours in the day... Or nights. Why do we need sleep anyways?! There is stitching and crafting to be done!

Happy Saturday all!
Louise xx