Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week one Mary's Mystery Sampler Finish!

I have finished week one of Mary's Mystery sampler being offered by Plum Street Samplers. See post below if you would like to join in the fun to get the link to the blog!
I have decided to use antique white jobelan with DMC threads. I am using the colors called for the black material although I am not using black. I like the muted tones of the threads. I really like how it looks so far and look forward to each new week as each part is unveiled for our stitching pleasure. How very generous of this designer to do this for us! Thank you so much!
Here is my piece so far:
I have also been stitching on my AOY design and here are the updates on that also;
I have also finished a pretty wool scarf in my favorite colors of plum!
Baked an apple pie!
Baked some yummy peanut butter cookies too....
Loved on one adorable bunny named Charleston (my baby!)
Did some shopping....some pretty yarn in more colors of plum!
An armchair caddy for my stitching supplies...I always wanted one of these!
Someone turned 18!
My sweet daughter!!

I talked to my sailor Son on the phone today.
My husband made dinner while I stitched...I am blessed indeed!

Louise xx

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Mystery Sampler/Marys Sampler at Plum Street Sampler Blog!

Thought you might like to venture over to Plum Street Samplers Blog and check out a Sunday Mystery Sampler she will be offering for all of her readers..I am considering stitching this one..sounds like fun don't you think! :)

Plum Street Sampler Blog

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little finish today :)

I stitched this little piece today and will make a pretty pin cushion.
This design is from Pin Pokes I by Homespun Elegance. It stitched up fairly quickly. Such a cute little design! :)
I decided to add the little hearts... Looked like it needed some love ;)

Hope you are all getting some stitching time in today!

Raggedy stitches and Blessings,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Freebies!

Hello Friends,
It has been brought to my attention that a freebie I have posted from the past no longer has a working link. I don't keep up with older links in past posts from previous years,  unless of course someone brings it to my attention. Thank you Meari for bringing to my attention a link that is not working for the adorable Owl freebie chart. I have searched the internet and it looks as though Cherrywood Design Studios may have taken it down..but I did find it still up at The Weeks Dye Works Site. I corrected the link on my old post, but I will repost here for those who might be interested in this adorable freebie..perfect for this time of year! :) Sometimes though, if a designer takes the link down, there is no way of tracking down the freebie chart again. If you see a freebie you like, don't just bookmark it, make sure you save it or print it out for future use...because it just may disappear forever!
Cherrywood Designs Studios~
Hoo Wants Treats!

There are other Fall Designs that I absolutely LOVE...I thought I would share them with you...some may be old to you, some may be new. I love this time of year, my favorite season!

Not Forgotten Farm~
Freebie and Challenge/Contest!

Not Forgotten Farm
More Freebies

My heartstring
Give Thanks

Primitive Betty's

The Drawn Thread
First Snow

Plum pudding Needleart
Fa La La

Passione Ricamo
All Hearts Come Home For Christmas
From With Thy Needle and Thread
Welcome October!

(scroll down once clicking on link to see these Fall Freebie Charts!)
Fall Leaves/Harvest Time/Autumn Quilt

Gazette "Autumn Cottage"
Autumn Cottage

Plum Pudding Needleart
Lookin' Like Fall and Blessed Be

Falling Leaves


More OWLS! :)

Pumpkin Fob

The Stitcherhood
Autumn (and other seasons)

Rainbow Gallery
Fall into Autumn

Cross Stitch. About
Seasonal Sampler

Erynne Chard
Lil' Pumpkins

The Stitcherhood
Give Thanks

Primitive Bettys
Primitive Bettys Freebies

That's all for some things to do..hope you like the freebies I posted!
Blessings to you!
Louise xx

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy For AOY!

I have discovered AOY designs! (All Our Yesterday's) beautiful designs by artist Faye Whitaker. Adorable designs which picture little girls and boys of days gone by. What attracted me to these designs were the sweet little Sailors , reminds me of when my Son was little. I have started stitching a chart called Hand in Hand. It reminds me of my Sailor Son and my daughter, together on the beach! I am going to work on this as much as I can so I can finish it and frame it. I want to hang it in the hall bathroom which has a beach theme. Here it is so far, backstitching will be done at the end :)


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye My Friend

I lost a special friend this week. She was one of the first ones to welcome us to Florida back in 1999. She was not just a friend, but like family. She would welcome my phone calls no matter what time it was. We were late night phone friends! She watched my children grow. She was one of the most talented stitchers I knew, I watched in amazement as she stitched her masterpiece, The Sistine Chapel. I remember fondly our "Goof Troop" stitching get togethers. What fun we all had! I always admired how she could stitch and complete projects while I never seemed to finish one. I loved that we shared secrets. I loved that we both kept our secrets. I loved that our age difference didn't matter in our friendship. I loved that she would always have an ear to listen. I would always smile when I saw that little Raggedy Ann in the Paula Vaughan she stitched that hung in her home. We shared laughter, we shared tears. I know how hard it will be to hang the ornaments you made me on our tree this year, but so glad I have them. Lots of memories, lots of love, always. I will miss you Avona. Thank you for blessing my life with your friendship. Your stitching needle is now at rest, you will always be in my heart!

Till we meet again,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some Old Photos..

Just wanted to post some old Raggedy Ann photos!
The First photo is my sweet daughter, my little "Annie".
The next photo is a drawing she did when she was little of her
favorite dolls, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy!
I cannot believe in just a few short weeks our sweet girl will be 18 years old! Where has the time gone!!
I am one Blessed Mom for sure.
I miss my Sailor Son :(