Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Beautiful Day !

Woke up to an absolutely beautiful day where I live. The sun is shining, a slight breeze, all the windows are open and I feel great!
I have two recent finishes to show all of you. Remember that baby sampler I posted that I was helping a friend out with..well, it is finished! YAY!~ It was a lot more stitching than I had expected it to be, but it came out so pretty, I just have to share:
The Mom had stitched the Monkey square separately, and I made a tooth fairy pillow out of it for her baby:
I put a big "pocket" on the back so the tooth fairy can leave some coins for a very special little girl :)
Now, onto something else I had finished stitching. I have a very dear and wonderful friend that has always been like a Mom to me. She was always Grandma to my children also. I have been wanting to stitch her something special for some time now. She will be turning 87 years old this year and knew I wanted to give her a stitched piece for her birthday. Here is what I stitched for my dear friend: "A Friend Indeed" an old freebie from Blue Ribbon Designs:
I had a "helper" while I is my daughter's bird "Andy"!
and...his side-kick "Misty"!
By the way..if you would like to listen to Andy's whistles, he has his own Facebook page, yes he does!
 Click Here :Andy The Bird

My Son sent me a picture he took while on leave. It's our neighbors dog "Sparky" What a beautiful dog!
The picture looks like a postcard! Oh!, look at the closeup...
What a GORGEOUS FACE! I just LOVE him to pieces...yes I do! :)
I have been up to more crocheting...made another frilly scarf :)
Saint Patrick's Day is upon us..Although a wonderful day to celebrate, its also the day my husbands Father Patrick passed away , 20 years ago today. Our bird "Sunny" also passed away on this day years ago. I still make the traditional meal of corned beef, and I make the most wonderful Irish soda bread! I cannot stop eating it...(which is not such a good thing)! This recipe bakes up a wonderful bread that is so moist inside, I make this recipe every year now!
If you would like this recipe, head on over to my recipe blog! Click HERE!
My pansies have survived the winter months in their special planters...they are blooming now, prettier than ever!

I ordered some new stash in the mail, a new chart, and DMC threads. Sometimes I am able to get a floss fairy to help me out with DMC floss. The craft store for me is over a half hour away, and with the price of gas, I just don't go often :( It always seems that when I am in the middle of a project, that is when I run out, or need a certain color, and of course it is always the color I do not have! Love getting new stash in the mail!
This chart is called "Amish Alphabet" the designer is From The Heart. Pretty design!
I will show you a quiet place I go to sometimes..there is plenty of woods behind my house..sometimes I go for walks through the woods, sometimes I even sit down and take time to pray. It is so peaceful and serene out back, I know how blessed I am..

Sometimes I find little things as I roam around...
I wish you all a very Blessed Saint Patrick's Day!


  1. Louise, what a great finish...and the tooth fairy pillow is a super touch!

    Love all your pictures and stories... and it reminded me that I want to make some soda bread... but need to buy buttermilk. Tomorrow...

  2. Lovely post! Congrats on your finish!! How sweet to make the tooth fairy pillow too. What a sweet puppy! And the pics from your woods ~ wish we had woods of our own to walk through.

  3. What a wonderful post girlfriend. I always love hearing about what you're doing and all. Always up beat. The piece you make for your friend is so very pretty. She'll love it I'm sure.
    The piece you helped your friend with is so sweet with all those bright colors. Cute little tooth fairy pillow also. A great idea.
    You have a wonderful week full of blessings. Oh! Thank you also for the recipe! Sounds so good.
    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  4. Great finishes and your new project looks very pretty.


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