Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Christmas 2012!

Our family is having the most wonderful, memorable Christmas time this year. Our Sailor is home for the holiday and will also be with us to ring in the New Year. Blessed, yes, we are very much BLESSED. I know the good Lord knew this transition of letting my Son go...and him joining the military would be hard on he BLESSED us that he would be able to come home for his first Christmas since he has left home. This is making the transition a little bit easier, but still worry for the Christmas he won't be able to be home. I know in my heart it will be very difficult for me when that day arrives.
Until then though, I will count each Blessing and enjoy each and every minute I have with both of my children and my husband with me, together as a family....and celebrate we did!!
The tree was decorated before our Son arrived home...
Cookies were baked....

 Surprises were made....
(I used Avery iron-on paper, printed out a Navy Emblem, and a picture of our daughter's pet bird and made them tops to wear!)
Charleston was hopping around looking for his hidden gifts :)
He posed for a picture too!
Received a box from family with some special gifts, memories from the past...two of my favorite things from Christmas time when I was just a little girl! 
Funny how the smallest things can remain so BIG in our hearts....
A feast prepared for our Sailor Son and our little family...
Christmas cards arrived in our mailbox too...I just love to receive greetings from far and near!
The mouse moved each day on our 22 year old Advent Calendar...
An amaryllis bulb was planted..and it is slowly emerging, looking forward to seeing it's beauty unfold!
Some things I stitched on Christmas break...
A pretty sachet filled with old pine needles from our Christmas of last year: It smells delightful!
A pin pillow using a My Big Toe design...
"Dandy Dreams" by Silver Creek Samplers...
some surprises I received and so grateful for!....
An adorable new "Annie" for my collection :) Thank you Jackie!
A Jim Shore Santa too!...

 A new crochet book to make lovely dish cloths from, along with cotton yarn and hook..
Mag eyes!! So far they seem to be helping with my stitching..
Two beautiful new table runners, one for Christmas, another for the rest of the year with bunnies on did someone know that I like bunnies? :) Thank you Maggi!
I want to thank all my followers and visitors for sharing in my life's journey. I appreciate each and every one of you. For those that take a moment to leave a message, it delights my heart! I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and May you be Blessed abundantly in the upcoming New Year!
Much Love, 
Raggedystitcher's Family xx


  1. Lovely post! Your excitement shines through your words and photos. Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. I just love to read your blog Louise,
    your excitement for life, and your love for your family is so uplifting to me. I am so glad your son got to come home on leave for the holidays.
    Happy New Year Louise.


  3. I love you blog, God Bless your son for his service and all of you during the year to come!

  4. I love your blog, God Bless your son and keep him safe, and blessings to you and your family for the New Year!


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