Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Updates and WIP's (pic heavy)

Hello Everyone!
Hope this post finds everyone doing well and enjoying the cooler weather that is starting to come along.
The weather is beautiful here where we live now. The mornings have been cool this week and I am loving every minute of it! :)
Our daughter started her Junior year of high school. She is doing wonderful. For transitioning into a new high school she is doing exceptionally well, and already has made friends. We are so very proud of her, and I am thanking God for answering our prayers. She has never been so happy! She loves her new school and says how friendly the students are. Our town is wonderful and makes you feel like you are living in Mayberry. :)
I already told my husband I am done moving. I feel as if we are finally settled. I absolutely LOVE our new home and I don't ever want to leave. Our neighbors are wonderful, the street we live on is nice and quiet. I love my front porch. It is wonderful to sit out front with my cup of tea and just stitch the days or evenings away. It is nice living near the end of the cul de sac. The end is woods, a house was never built there...not yet anyways.
Just last night I came back from my walk and the lady next door was sitting on her front porch..I went over and we sat for a while and chatted. She is very sweet. She is about 20 years older than me and widowed. I know she is lonely. She looks forward to when I stop by to sit with her. I do enjoy spending time with her. She and I have a lot of laughs together! :)
With the cooler air coming in..I have started decorating for Fall.
LOVE this time of year! I am starting to see some tiny little signs that the change of season is on it's daughter pointed this tree out as we pulled in the driveway just of the first trees around our yard showing some leaves that are turning..

I put out some of my Fall decorations...pumpkins down our front steps with "Clara" Watching over :)...
 A pretty Fall wreath I made for our front door...
A little "make do" table filled with some Fall accents...
My old Singer sewing machine so graciously given to me by someone who knew of my love for all things sewing, God Bless my sweet dear friend Dinah, such a warm giving person!!
Our new Primitive star hanging on the front of our home...
Some things on our dining room table...I love the Indian Corn!
isn't this so pretty! My dear friend Jackie stitched this for me..I put it out every year...
 These pilgrims are very special to me..I purchased them a while back while living in Florida at Publix supermarkets..I don't believe they sell them anymore..I also put them out for display every year. (They are salt and pepper shakers) adorable!
one of my favorite candle holders for Halloween...pumpkin you see them? I found this at Yankee Candle a couple of years back..I know I have another tall clown type pumpkin man but since moving haven't been able to locate him as of yet...he is MIA. ...
Now onto my WIP's....
I have purchased this amazing chart recently and was so excited to start I am always with a new chart...excited to start, but not many make it to the finish line. HA!
Here is my progress so far..the chart is by Pineberry Lane and it is called "Autumn on Marigold Lane"
This chart is so much fun to stitch!
Here are some other WIP's...some have fallen to the wayside..not sure if I had posted them previously or not..but here goes....
Our 25th Wedding Anniversary sampler..this WAS supposed to be completed LAST year..*sigh*...
"Briar Rabbit" by La D Da....
Roots and Wings...not much of a start..but there will be lots of fill in stitches on this one..I do so hope to get this one further along soon...
A freebie I stitched for a friend back in NY..I plan on backing it with the blue fabric pictured, filling with crushed walnut shells and making a pinkeep. 
A book I am reading.....
A new chart I ordered that came in the mail today! :) Love Blackbird Designs!
A chart I found at a Goodwill..I really like this one!
Oh the things I want to do!!
I will end this blog post with a few more pictures of leaves starting to is just the beginning of what is yet to come. Oh, how I cannot wait! Don't forget to keep an eye out for all of God's is everywhere you turn.

Blessings and Raggedystitches,


  1. Oh my goodness Louise~What a wonderful post. So full of beautiful things and fun newsy things. You're such an inspiration to me in so many ways. Bless you dear friend.
    Cross’N My Stitches

  2. Thank you Ms. Linda!
    I appreciate you and your kind words :)
    I wish you a beautiful day today! xx

  3. Your fall decorations are beautiful! I still haven't put mine out yet. Maybe tonight . . . or tomorrow. And I love your WIPs.

  4. Rachel, thank you so very much for the compliments! I couldn't wait to put out the Fall favorite time of the year! :)
    Have a wonderful night!
    Louise xx

  5. All of your decorations look wonderful ~ sure looks like you have settled in nicely.
    Great stitchy goodies too!

  6. Catherine,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to make a comment. I appreciate you so much! I wish you a wonderful day today my friend :)
    Louise xx


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