Monday, August 20, 2012

My Little "Singer" and Primitive Pumpkin Updates!

I have a very dear friend Lillian that lives on Long Island,New York. She has been like a Grandmother to my children all these years. She is an avid quilter and baker and at the age of 88 she still quilts! She is an amazing woman and I have always aspired to be just like her.
She has a heart of gold, and was always there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to. She continues to be there for me anytime I call her on the telephone. I miss her dearly. It has been many years since I have seen her last. We keep up with our phone conversations and pictures I have sent of the children as they grew over the years. She has always been such a great encouragement to me and has always treated me like I was her own daughter. I am truly blessed to have her in my life!
She won a little "Singer" sewing machine years ago in a raffle and she had passed it on to me, being as she had a little machine like this one already. I felt honored that she would pass it on my way!
Thought I would share some pictures with you :)
It is special to me because it came from her! are the latest updates on my Mr. Primitive Pumpkin stitchery piece by Not Forgotten Farm..the freebie challenge I decided to take on...Ok..she said this is a quick stitch..I am sorry, I do not really agree with that!! lol
It is a Looooong stitch! It is taking a lot of stitches to get this piece going! I hope to finish it by the deadline..and I feel a bit pressured..which isn't good at all. I don't like to feel rushed..but I do like the excitement of joining in the challenge. I am still not quite sure how I will finish it..that is IF I finish it in time. I almost put it away today because of worry it just wouldn't get done in time. Life is getting in the way a little bit.
I know though it will be so cute when finished and I know how happy I will be to display him in my home come Fall!
Here he is so far...
He is coming along...little by little. I am so glad I know how to do the "sewing" method..because that is exactly how I am doing the fill in areas! Makes it go a little more quicker and smoother.

Our daughter will be starting school next week. I worry about me. I miss my son terribly now that he is away in the military. Honestly, it has gotten better, I am starting to learn to accept..but I am afraid for when my daughter is away all day in school. Hubby has been traveling quite often with work. I know I am not going to like being alone. It will be hard..being alone in an empty house. Of course there is the birds and Peter Rabbit..but somehow I am already feeling sad. :(
I hope I will be ok.
I am considering looking for part time work. I am a very outgoing person, and I need to be with people. I am not one that does well being alone. I like helping others and just "doing"...
so we will see what comes up.
I know others would be thrilled to have this alone time..but I know it will be time for me to dwell on missing my son!

That's all for now..wish me well in finishing Mr. Primitive Pumpkin! I do hope I can get a bit further along and get him done in time..will post more updates soon,



  1. What a thoughtful and wonderful gift!
    Your stitches are looking good.
    Sounds like some type of part time job would be perfect for you....sending hugs....

  2. Cute little Singer! And your stitching is lovely. Part time work is a great idea. I love my job at the library and have recently gotten a promotion. I'm only there three days, so I have the rest of the week to do everything else.


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