Thursday, July 5, 2012

Letter Number THREE! :)

What a surprise I received today when I went to my mailbox. Letter number THREE from our wonderful Son Patrick!! I cannot even explain the happiness I felt inside and I am sure my smile was bigger than it has ever been before. It seems as though the past couple of weeks have just dragged to hear of any news from him. I watch everyday for the mail lady to arrive with such anticipation, and then, as I walk to the mailbox with my heart beating so fast, feeling such disappointment upon not seeing any small envelope from our Son.
It is so hard to explain if you haven't had a child leave for military boot camp. Not having communication with the child you have raised from birth is one of the most difficult things I believe in this life.
I did not know it would be this hard until I was faced with the situation having no choice.
It is extremely hard!
Patrick sounded really good in his letter. He said they are moving very fast paced now. He achieved sharp shooter! He only has a couple of weeks left of Boot Camp..then onto schooling.
He was issued uniforms and will have to complete final tests to be considered a United States Sailor.
I believe we will receive a phone call at that point from what I have been hearing.
 I am glad I received his note in the mail today...hopefully it will sustain me for a bit longer :)
Cannot wait to see our son in full uniform..I cannot even imagine!!

AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh.........Soon...SOON!! :)

Please, if you will, keep Patrick in your prayers that he can get through all the final tests and keep up the strength to continue to the final goal of graduation. We love you Patrick, We are so PROUD of you!!

Who knew when you were little and we took this picture that your future would include becoming a United States Sailor! God had a plan :)

Counting the Days till we can hug you Son,

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  1. What a cute picture! Sending best wishes for your son!


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