Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sad News :(

Sadly, "Little Bear" did not make it. :(
 I had taken care of the little one all last night, kept it warm and fed.
I was heartbroken today when "Little Bear" passed.
It was so sad! He did pass away peacefully, snuggled up in the little box we had him sleeping in
with a soft blanket.
I tried so hard, petting him, holding him, making sure he had my touch and warmth of my hands also.
so sad and heartbreaking.
I cried when he passed.
I could not believe how much I fell in love with one tiny little kitten that I had only known less than two days.
My husband said I cared too much,
I said "no, I cared...just enough"



  1. So sorry to read this! I had just read your previous post and clicked to see the new one. You did a very kind thing making this little one comfy and loved...

  2. I am so sorry, but I'm glad the kitten had your love :(

  3. Awww I am so sorry Louise. I did mean to reply to your post yesterday but just didn't get round to it. Well that kitten prob had more love in his last two days than he prob would have in all his life. xx

  4. I am sorry too Louise, as I read your post where you found him and hoped he would survive. But you know, the mama cat probably knew something was wrong with him and left him to die. Sad as it is, that is nature's way. Thank you for making his last day so loving and comfortable.


  5. Sending you hugs. You gave him love and safety. We are asked to guard with tenderness small things that have no words, and you did that for this little guy. You did a wonderful thing, God just needed him back in Heaven for a while.

  6. So sorry about Little Bear! But I am sure he felt loved!

    Hugs and prayers!


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