Monday, March 5, 2012

Pine Cone Patrol, Stash

Most people might think Florida is mostly pretty palm trees. I can tell you it is not. :)
We live in Northern Florida and our backyard is jam packed with pine trees. Yes, pine trees. It is sort of nice, a reminder of living up north, but not nice when they start dropping all of their pine cones and you have to pick them up!
So...the daunting task begins...over a span of many months!
Noooo...they don't drop all at once. That would make it much easier. They drop on a continual basis and it seems like you never get any headway with clearing off the lawn. They even drop right when you are picking them up and bagging them. Almost as if they are laughing at you while you are doing it. I was hit on the head once while I was doing it!
Here is a section of our can sort of get an idea of how they are spread out everywhere...
At first, it seems like it would be easy to pick them up...but bending over and over a zillion times is a real workout and I guess it could be considered aerobic exercise? hee hee :P But! It is beautiful out today, and I was really enjoying being out there in this beautiful weather we are having!
I worked and worked..and this is what I gathered up....
4 whole bags!
Some of them are quite you can see in comparison with my hand..I have small some of these pine cones are quite large!
By the time I came around to the front yard..I was about exhausted! I laid down on the grass to rest..and noticed how beautiful the front lawn is coming in.....this was grass that we planted from seed last year!
As I lay on the grass...well...ummm...I shouldn't have looked up into the trees...because..this is what I saw!!
Busy yard work for another day! Nature is providing in abundance!
The mailman just came and I had a sudden "pick me up"! :)
3 new charts arrived in the mail today. Aren't they sweet!!
Just love bunnies, and when I saw Rabbit Folk..I knew I had to add it to my collection :)

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    I love your post about the pine cones - definitely sounds like a workout to me(:

    I love your new stash too!

  2. Pine cones.... what a unpleasant memory from my childhood!

    Enjoy your stash!

  3. No wonder you were exhausted and I bet your back was sore from all the bending. At least your new stash would give you a pick me up.


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