Monday, February 6, 2012

Mailbox Surprise!

This morning was wonderful. I attended my church meeting and really enjoyed myself. I always love hearing what all the other women have to say about their lives, their faith, and their thoughts on life, God and Heaven. It is so inspiring! I never want the meetings to end.
Upon arriving home a package was delivered to my mailbox! (I just love receiving goodies in the mail) :) I wasn't expecting anything and it was a real surprise. It was from my very sweet friend Melanie in NC. We nicknamed each other, being as she is of Italian descent, and so am I...she is "Mario", and I am "Luigi". lol!!
So, the package was from "Mario"!
She sent me a beautiful handmade necklace with crucifix, bracelet, and earrings that she made herself. She enclosed the most beautiful card with a saying about "Friendship"
"A person can hear,
but a friend listens for the meaning.
A person can look,
but a friend sees the heart.
A person can know,
but a friend understands your dreams."
God has blessed me in this life with those he surrounds me with. Thank you Mario for your gift of friendship and your precious gift that you took the time to create with your own hands. It will be treasured forever!


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