Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Very Bradley Purse, Vintage Jewelry Finds

I was out and about today, needed to pick up some more avocados for me and my son. We are totally addicted to them! They are so delicious!! I met one of my neighbors in the store, we chatted up a bit, then headed on my way to pick my daughter up from school for an appointment she had to make. Before leaving the shopping center..I couldn't help myself..I HAD to stop at my favorite second hand shop! It is called "Plato's Closet" :)
I am so glad I did...I like old time looking jewelry..and although most of the jewelry that I find there is costume like jewelry..it is more modern..but sometimes, you can get very lucky, like I did today! YAY! :)

This is what I found....

First a bracelet..very pretty, with stones in it..It is goldtone and has pretty flowers between the stones. It was only three dollars..when I got home..the clasp did not work..but my sweet husband fixed it. He is so wonderful!
The next piece of jewelry was a real FIND! I didn't even come to know it fully until I had gotten home.
I liked the colors in the stones, purple and turquoise, sort of hard to tell in the pictures..but oh so pretty! This piece is a necklace. When I had come home I looked at it more closely..the little metal tag reads "NAPIER"..this is a very nice piece of costume jewelry from a company no longer in existence! I have a piece of history! The mark "Napier" in block has been used since 1922 until its sale in the late 1980's to another company. When the company was sold in the late 1980's to "Victoria & Co.", they used the name "Napier" but in script, not in block writing on the jewelry. The Napier company was closed by Victoria & Co. in October of 1999.
Here is my find, my piece of "NAPIER" jewelry with it's original "block" style writing on the tag..I have a vintage piece..and would you believe what it cost? FOUR Dollars!!! :) (if you click on the photo, it will enlarge and you can see the Napier tag with block style writing)
As you browse through Plato's closet..there are many second hand goodies you might like to take home...there are books, clothes, jewelry, handbags, and yes, even Vera Bradley purses! Some are worn, but sometimes you can find some in very decent shape at very reasonable prices.
Here are two I have found most recently..not sure if I had posted them previously..but here they are:
As you can see, they are in pretty nice shape. I have always wanted the red bandana colored one..and it is a nice shoulder bag style..for a price of $12 it was totally in my budget for a treat the day I treated myself! The pink and green tote is perfect for my small stitching projects..I think I picked this tote up for $14.
When there is such a great second hand shop to visit, sometimes it is worth checking there first before buying new!
Now, onto stitching!


  1. GREAT jewelry finds, Louise! I love them both. Love your Vera's, too. It sounds like a great second hand shop. I love to go thrifting! HUGS

  2. You did great. We have one of those Plato's Closets not too far from me. I will definitely check them out. I thought they were a hipster kid kind of store!

    If you want a yummy recipe for avocados, my co-worker showed me how to make tostadas. Just mash up an avocado with salt, pepper and a little lemon juice, put on a tostada, top with queso fresco, and maybe a little chopped chicken or tomatoes. So good and so easy!

  3. Great finds and visiting second hand shops is a good way to treat yourself without breaking the bank.

  4. Great jewelry finds, I love them both.


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