Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doctor Visit, Stash

Well, I had my neurologist appointment today...
I told the doctor, since I have been eating well, exercising, not drinking diet sodas anymore (only drinking water or clear tea) no substitute sugars, lost 30 pounds...I have not had a migraine in a month and a half now!
He did say that some people have "triggers" and that can set off migraines. Well..two nights ago, I was really craving a sweet cup of hot tea. My husband made me a cup with two Splenda sweeteners in it. Well...the next day I had a headache..not a migraine..but a headache, that lasted into today..I had that nagging headache all day today.
Now, I was a BIG time Splenda user, and was faithful to drinking my diet colas (could drink a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi Max) every day. Yes, I am serious. Well...the doctor thinks that perhaps the substitute sugars could be setting me off.
Yes, I do feel that I am getting a little bit bored with the diet I have been on..and  I am trying to find ways to mix it up a little bit.
I am going to do some further research..but have been handed a list of "don't eat" foods from the doctor which is making it all the harder.
He says though I am on the right track.
He also said that stress can trigger migraines. He told me I have to try to calm any stress that came my way. is a Mom supposed to do that?? I wonder.....
Our family is in for some big changes in the next couple of months, and unless I ignore what is about to happen, HA! well, that isn't going to happen....I guess, I will grin and bare it all. I will make things happen in a positive way, and I know that God will get me through everything that our family will be needing to get through soon.
It will be very exciting things to come...I will tell you all soon..but just can't yet! :)
It is all good and happy things though...
but in the midst of all the new things happening, will be all the feelings of letting our son leave the nest also for the military.
Sooo...My mind swirls with so many thoughts and so many things to think about.
I have to try and stay calm, relax and enjoy each and every moment in this time for now.
The doctor said to keep a food diary (which I am doing)..and when I do get a headache, migraine, or just plain ole' headache, to think of what I had eaten previously, maybe I can figure out what a trigger might be for me...

Guess what?!!!!
It just happened that the cross stitch shop was right across the street from the doctors office! Ha! What do you know......
Here is what I came home with! lol

Sampler of the Season "Autumn" With thy Needle & Thread
"Singing the Blues" Little House Needleworks
Crescent Colors Tartan Plaid, Cupid
The Gentle Art Oatmeal

Soooo...going to the doctor today, well, it really wasn't so bad a trip after all!
I just finished baking a homemade coffee cake for new neighbors that moved in around the block...time to make the glaze, and quickly run it over to their house to surprise them before the night gets too late!

have a nice night everyone,


  1. I hope that headache is the last one for you. I am not a big fan of Splenda--I think it finds your weakness and exploits it. Nice to know you can always stop by the LNS after these visits, stash fondling is a good stress reliever.

    Seriously though, when you get stressed out, as hard as it is, just think, "It is what it is." Sometimes, we just have to let go of control and accept that. It helps me when I get stressed.

    Sending hugs . . . and thanks for posting the wedding pictures.

  2. As an aspertame poisoning survivor, I am SO VERY GLAD you've given up the diet soda's. (but then you know my story)

    Artificial is just that, artificial.

    Hugs as always!!!!

  3. Glad that your health is improving and hopefully you will find out what the triggers are. Love your new stash especially the Tartan Plaid, very pretty colour.


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