Monday, December 19, 2011


One little word with one big meaning. :) This word just about sums it up for me! I try so hard to be organized..but it just never seems to happen for me. I am one of those people that put a pile of papers aside (or cross stitch charts or WIP's) to be gone through another time, or for a later date, but it never seems to happen.
I have so many good intentions and I know what I want, and how I would like things to be..but *sigh*...oh well.
The worst is noticed when I have to wrap gifts...especially at Christmas time!!
Am I the only one that lays everything out on the bed to wrap, and in the mix, lose the scissors or tape that I had JUST had in my hand and placed down somewhere?
How can this be??
Then I go back into the kitchen drawer to grab another tape roll, or another pair of scissors only to lose it again in a big jumbled mess of paper in a big pile that I Have made.
RUSH. Yes, another word that describes me...first is unorganized..another is RUSH.
I usually rush with everything. I like everything done yesterday. If it isn't done yesterday, well just doesn't get done! LOL!
It should have been done yesterday, you do realize that don't you ?
A project should take THIS LONG? really?...really, it shouldn't.
If it takes THIS long..then it was not meant to be started at all, the excitement is gone. Time to start something new.

Ok..enough of that little bit of rambling...which probably didn't make sense to any of you reading it!! ha ha
On to other things.

Our family met up with my husbands family yesterday and we had a really nice time. It was a little hard to remain on my eating plan..but I am so proud I did it! I brought my food along that I need to be eating, and I am still doing well. No headaches thus far. YAY!
My dear sweet MIL gave us a fantastic gift!
a wonderful waffle maker:
I will be doing some research, and I am thinking of some type of whole grain ones for me..and traditional for the rest of the family.
My SIL's are always so much fun to get together with, they gave me surprises too!
One gave me a fantastic snowman mug that will keep my sugar free cocoa or tea warm with his top hat!
My other SIL gave me The Peanuts Gang ornaments (snoopy and woodstock!)..she knows how much I LOVE snoopy!
She also gave me this cute set of Ann and Andy!!!! Look at the blue ticking fabric!!! FANTASTIC!! I nearly fainted when I pulled it out of that bag..this is SO ME!!! Love, love, LOVE THIS!

I am very blessed with my husbands family, they are so wonderful to me!!
My husband is on vacation till after New Years. It is nice to have him home while the kids are also home. I am so looking forward to Christmas!


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  1. What nice gifts! I am so glad you are feeling better.

    Merry Christmas!


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