Monday, April 25, 2011

The Weekend Happenings and WIP

We had the most fantastic Easter/Anniversary weekend celebration!
We grilled out back and the weather was absolutely perfect. Family surprised us with a gorgeous anniversary cake. They had the cake made special to order..just like our engagement cake from many years ago! We were so surprised!
I have been working on a stitchery for our anniversary, but I have not gotten very far along on this project. My life has been so busy lately!
Hope to put a few more stitches in it today.
I am glad to be off from work today with my kids and enjoying every minute of it. My son treated me to lunch at a local restaurant.
I will be studying all this week for my upcoming exam I will be taking.
My DMIL surprised me with the cutest birthday present for my upcoming birthday.
She knows I love turtles and ladybugs..
Look what she found!!
This will look just perfect by our front door.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. wowhoo the cake it's wonderful!Congratulation for your wedding Anniversary!


  2. Thank you Elena!! Hope you are doing well xx


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