Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ott Light in miniature!

I stopped in at Joann's Etc. craft store today. I found the neatest little Ott light. I have never seen this before, and knew it would be wonderful for stitching or reading in dim light.
There was a sale on Ott lights today, 50 percent, really a great deal!
The light turns on when you open it up.
I will say though, the clamp on the back does NOT fit onto a Q-Snap frame. (Does not open wide enough)
I know this lamp is probably more suited for reading and will fit nicely on a book.
I found that it DOES fit onto a scroll rod, which will be perfect for me when I stitch on my scroll rods.
The light uses three triple A batteries.
It is very bright indeed, and I am very pleased that I Purchased this.
The light fits onto our headboard of our bed.



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