Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day here in Florida!
I was hoping to attract birds to our back patio by putting out some seed..and....
it worked!
I have already seen Tufted Titmice, Cardinals, and Doves.
They all seem thrilled that there is food waiting for them every morning.
I hope to pick up a bird feeder soon to put on a shepards hook. For now, I am putting out a container of water and throwing seed all around.
They don't seem to be complaining! :)

 I am going to pick up some black oil sunflower seeds for my wild feathered friends. black oil sunflower seeds have a soft outer shell which makes them easier for the birds to crack open, and are a high source of protein . With these seeds you can attract many different breeds of birds. These types of seed are a favorite among smaller birds.These seeds also have a high concentrated of oil which is important to the birds during the winter time.

 I even had a squirrel visit me this morning. I made sure I put out some yummy treats for him also (nuts!).
 I truly enjoy watching all the wildlife in my backyard. I would like to get some better pictures..but for now, I have to take them from the back window..This is the only way that I will not scare them away!
Last evening I decided I was going to take down the lace curtains by the front door. There is three small windows beside our front door, and the previous owners had a very thick lace for each window as a curtain. I wasn't fond of the look, so I decided to pick up some pretty green and tan check homespun fabric and sewed my own curtains.  This is more to my decorating taste! I love anything country :)
I did not put a lining in the curtains, I wanted a little bit of light to come through if any. I think they look much better than the lace that was there before.

I have more curtains to sew for our new house, and I will tackle one at a time. I still am very much in love with the colors green and red for my house. (sounds very Christmas like) :) I love gingham and anything primitive of the sort!
My husband and I found a new antique shop that we visited recently.
Oh my! It is wonderful. The way it is decorated is gorgeous. Next time I stop in there I will bring my camera along with me and share photos with you. The shop is located in Northern Florida and is called Enchanted Antiques. I have never seen a shop more beautifully decorated in my life!
I noticed this cute pumpkin on the way into the shop, and I could not leave without him! He looks so adorable among my Fall decor.
Soon I will be baking more, I just hope I don't eat as much as I bake! ;)

My husband is working on building a craft/sewing room for me. I cannot wait for it to be finished.
I look forward to setting it up and getting all my things in order. It will be nice to have my own little haven again for all my stitching, sewing and creativity.
I haven't had my own little space for many years now. It will be so enjoyable when it finally comes to be. :)


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