Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Version Mary has arrived!

What a wonderful parcel I received yesterday! I had won yet another (yes, would you believe another!) beautiful gift from the OWOH event that I was a participant in recently with other bloggers. I had posted about this wonderful event previously. It was so much fun and such an enjoyable experience. So uplifting, and so many wonderful new friends!
I appreciate all of your kindness and generosity. This has been such an inspiring experience for me, it truly makes me smile every time I think of all the wonderful bloggers I have visited over the past month.

I received a large envelope with the print "Version Mary" inside. This is a print of a painting done by Zionah, the daughter of Abigail from Rusted Wings Studio
Abigail is a very talented artist, as is her family also!
This is the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen.
I will proudly display this beautiful piece of work in my home.
Thank you so very much Abigail for letting me partake in your wonderful giveaway, and I am so blessed that I was the one chosen to win the beautiful print of Version Mary!



  1. Oh my gosh, she is gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations on your win, she is beautiful!

  3. she is beautiful.....sigh....I went to I dont remember how many blogs...met lots of nice people...but didnt win a single bloody thing...pout....pout...sigh...

  4. We're so glad you love this special print of my daughter Zionah's 'version Mary'. May your home always be graced with the angels and blessings from the Most High!!
    love in Him,


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