Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have been working, stitching and enjoying the days.
I thought I would take a moment so you could see the little projects I have going at the moment. The first is an ornament that I have been wanting to stitch for myself. It is a Prairie Schooler santa. I just love this design! It is just about finished.

The second design is called "Random Threads" by Erica Michaels. What a pretty design with all things I love, pins, silk, cotton, needles, scissors, ...sooo me :)
I am stitching over two with two shades of brown threads. Pretty!

Trying to find the time to fit my stitches in. So many things going on in our lives..busy, busy!
Thinking of my Dear Dad today. Three years since he has passed.
I am thankful for the love he gave to me, and the lessons he taught me growing up.
I was blessed to have him as my Father.


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  1. what a lovely picture of you and dad. I am proud of the woman you have become, and I know that man had a lot to do with it! ♥


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