Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Surprises!

What a delight to have my mailman ring my doorbell on Saturday!
A box was handed to me, and I wasn't quite sure what it might be..I wasn't expecting a box.
I opened it up and found the most wonderful goodies inside,
My dear friend Jackie (Hi Jackie!), sent me some homemade treasures!
She made me a beautiful fabric embroidered postcard, I just love anything with cupcake designs. It came out beautiful!
She also made made me a little drawstring bag, embroidered with the sweetest candy heart sentiments on it.
Right away I knew there was something good inside, I could smell the chocolate! :)
That bag did not stay closed very long. SMILE!

Thank you Jackie, you are always so good to me and such a wonderful friend.
I am blessed to have you in my life!



  1. what a sweet girl Jackie is. I'm glad you had a great day and you got a great surprise. Take care hon,Kimberly


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