Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OWOH Surprises arrived!

I was so excited to find out that I had won some very special giveaways that were held in the One World One Heart Event that I was so blessed to be a part of.
What a fun event it was. I had the chance to meet so many new wonderful friends that I never would have had the chance to meet. Wonderful artists and creative people that live all over this world!
We all had the chance to enter in giveaways in our blogs. What fun it was :)
Lucky for me, my name was chosen!
I received two packages today. It was so much fun to open my mailbox up and find them.
First I want to say thank you to all the wonderful new friends that were a part of this wonderful experience, and to Lisa for making this event possible for all of us. She brought so many people together and it was a truly heartwarming experience.
I was able to explore so many wonderful blogs and look forward to visiting them again.

The first package was a very special handmade doll packaged in tissue with glitter.
Sparkly glitter!!:P
This is Zsa Zsa Kitty by KaerieFaerie Thank you so very much!!
Kaerie Faerie

She is so very pretty! She is sitting so lovely on her little cushioned pillow and wrapped in her very own Boa of pretty feathers.
Thank you so much, I will treasure her forever!

The second package was so very special!
This doll is very dear to my heart indeed, for it is a bunny!
This is not just any ordinary bunny, it is a Bunny named Flopsy. It sits on it's own spool of thread and has it's own adorable little slippers on it's feet! There is also a special little blanket to keep Flopsy toasty and warm :)
This bunny will sit proudly in my sewing room. :)
I love my new Bunny!!
Thank you so much to Regi from Southern Ooaks!!
Southern ooaks


  1. cute prizes.lucky girl.Take care,Kimberly

  2. So happy that Flopsy arrived safe and sound. I hope you enjoy her as much I as I enjoyed making her for the OWOH event. Please keep in touch!!!


  3. glad you are happy with Zsa Zsa Kitty
    lucky you, won great stuff!!!
    your faerie friend

  4. Brilliant prizes. Well done. I got a beautiful pendent through yesterday so I will post today at some point. xx

  5. Ohhhh, you were the lucky one that won Flopsy!!!! I just adore that bunny :o) Congrats!


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