Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Tree

Every Year we put up two Christmas trees...
One is our traditional tree, the other our little Raggedy Ann tree!
Our traditional tree is filled with many ornaments collected from over the years.
Ornaments made with my children, their handprints, salt dough ornaments, treasures made at school too..also Hallmark ornaments.

I was very sad that we will not be able to light up our angel tree topper this year. I don't have the heart yet to replace her.
The lights inside were melting the plastic under the angels dress, and I am too afraid of it burning. We Purchased this angel when we were first married..for our first Christmas together.
For now, I will put her back in her place of honor on top of our traditional tree where she belongs. :)

Our Raggedy Ann tree is such a delight to look at! As you all know, I LOVE Raggedy Ann! This tree is just that..all things Raggedy Ann. :) Lots of little ornaments of my favorite doll..with some of her brother Andy too.
Some ornaments I have found on my own..some were given to me by very dear friends.
With little bows of red tied on branches, it is such a sweet festive addition to our home's holiday decor.

Happy Decorating!


  1. Love your trees and the Raggedy Ann and Andy tree is just adorable!! I bet you could repair your angel so it is safer so you can still use her.

  2. What a lot of lovely memories must be in that tree! I am doing a stitching tree this year as well as the usual one. I'll be putting up all the ornies I made and hopefully there will be more to come year on year. xx


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