Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My husband carved the pumpkin last night. I roasted the seeds in the oven.
Our daughter is so excited to go out for candy tonight!
I have always loved Halloween...looks like it might rain a little bit though. I sure hope not! Hope you all have lots of fun today :)


Friday, October 30, 2009


My daughter is reading a book for school by Robert Peck, "A day no pigs would die".
Her teacher is having the class do many projects that would go along with this book.
Posters, power point presentations, oral reports...(the list never ends!)
And also, a model was to be made of a pig.
A brochure is due on Monday about the life of a Butcher, she managed to get that done tonight. She finished the Powerpoint project tonight also, that will be due on Wednesday next week. I am glad, was worried she wouldn't have fun on Halloween tomorrow.
I was impressed how my daughter knew so much about powerpoint!
The pig is adorable. We will package him up in a tidy little box to be shipped off to school on Monday.
I never knew that American Yorkshire Pigs were actually white in color, not pink!
But, they do have a pink hue to them....
The movie "Babe" Featured an American Yorkshire pig.
They are quite cute :)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Memories of Halloween Past

When my children were little, I always made sure they had a wonderful Halloween costume to wear for that special day of trick-or-treating.
They were always excited about something new each year, may it have been a particular television show, or perhaps a certain doll they loved.
I would venture out to the closest fabric store each year in search of that perfect pattern to sew up..
I would always get so excited doing this! This was one of the great joys in my life of being a Mom, doing all these wonderful things for my children.
Two costumes that remain vividly in my mind that I do remember my children wearing were My Son's Power Ranger Costume, and my Daughter's Raggedy Ann costume (Raggedy Ann of course!) :)
I know I could have chosen to purchase a store bought costume, but I wanted to put love into making costumes for them!
They looked so cute in their outfits...oh how I wish that I could turn time back and go back for just one more day of them being little again.
I miss those days so much!
My daughter still would like to dress up this year..but she wanted a store bought outfit this year...
I am happy for all the years I was able to sew for my children while they were little!
I love Halloween, one of my favorite times..I guess because I love candy so much..I waited this year to buy the candy till this week..thinking it would last, was I wrong!
Looks like I will be going back to the store for some more..
One of my favorites are Mary Janes!

I remember living in NY and the neighbors would get together and have fun chasing each other with shaving cream. We used to have so much fun! We would be covered with shaving cream and we didn't even recognize each other.
Lots of memories and fun times.

Wishing you all many happy memories this Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Church Picnic Today

Although it is raining, the church picnic is still on for today.
My daughter and I volunteered to help set up last night in
the hall of the church. I made my homemade picnic pasta salad, as everyone is bringing a side dish...there will be a wonderful BBQ'd lunch. Games for the kids too.
Our daughter will be volunteering at the pumpkin patch.
Although it is raining, I am sure it will still turn out to be a nice day!
My pasta salad is a pretty simple recipe...
just click on the link for our recipe blog if interested. It will bring you right over to our recipe blog..perhaps there might be something else there that might intrigue you while visiting!:)
2 stitching sisters recipe blog


Friday, October 23, 2009

King and Queen!

Found this funny little place on the internet where you can yearbook yourself!
You can also make funny little pictures by adding yourself into the photos..

this is one of them I came up with..used me and my husbands photo, and placed our son as the driver of the car!

too funny!

here is the site if you want to make your own



Monday, October 19, 2009

Baking Today :)

I spent the day baking today. It was so chilly outside, so it was the perfect day to stay inside and bake! Oh, the smells were wonderful filling up the house.
I made five small loaves of pumpkin bread, and I made a wonderful recipe of Raspberry Streusel Muffins! This was the first time I have ever made such a wonderful treat from scratch. They came out delicious! I did get the recipe from, but I had to change it a little bit..added more milk to the recipe to make the batter more smooth.
This recipe is a keeper for sure. :)
If you would like the recipe, pop on over to me and my sister's blog for the details!
click on the link:

*** I have already edited the recipe with my changes on our recipe blog to reflect the way I baked these muffins, no need to change it! :)

Happy Baking and Raggedystitches,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lap Quilt Finished!

I am so happy, my lap quilt is finally finished!
I am looking forward to the weekend. Need to go pick out a pumpkin with our daughter, and then do volunteer work with our church at a nursing home.
It is going to be a great weekend ahead!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Floss Bobbins

I had such a nice day today. I spent the whole day with my wonderful husband.
We went out to a lovely lunch at an Italian cafe. It was so nice to spend the time just the two of us!
The weather is so beautiful outside now. I just love the chill in the air! The leaves are already starting to fall from some of the trees. I wonder if we will get enough snow this winter to build a snowman. I so love building them with my daughter.

I have seen some pretty bobbins on other blogs and wanted to try making some myself.
I have done so, and am quite pleased with the results. I have used fabric scraps and adhered the fabric onto cardboard bobbins with Steam -A- Seam and ironing.
It worked out well. After adhering the fabric to the bobbins, I then trimmed around the bobbins and then used a hole punch to punch the hole, then laced with ribbon.
So pretty!

Hoping you had a beautiful Sunday today,
Blessings to you my friends!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lap Quilt

I have taken out my unfinished lap quilt. I added the two borders to it today. I have actually begun the quilting process too.
I have decided to machine quilt (although I love hand quilting also), with simple stitching inside the squares.
There is still plenty more to do, piecing the strips for the binding ..etc...
The colors are so pretty, soft greens, and rose colors.
A little at a time, looking forward to the end result :)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alphabet With Hare!

A REAL "HARE" that is! :)
I just finished this design up today.
This is a design by La D Da called "Alphabet with Hare"
It is stitched on 25 count cream Lugana with DMC threads.
I seem to enjoy stitching charts with alphabets and houses..didn't really notice this till my daughter brought it to my attention!
Of course, I always love charts with little bunnies in them too..if I can find a chart with a combination, that's a plus for me :)

Mr. Peter Rabbit was quite the handsome fellow and posed for us with my finished needlework..he really didn't seem to mind..
we rewarded him with some crunchy carrots.

Now I must go through my stash and see what I will plan on for my next project!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Surprises for me!

The mailman just rang the doorbell....
I received a box from my friend Jackie!
She sent me some special gifts while she was traveling.
She knows I like to collect thimbles, and she picked up the sweetest thimble and little bell for me. The thimble is from Slovenija.
...then, peeking out of the box was the cutest ladybug. I just love ladybugs too!
The ladybug is also from Slovenija and is a little bank. Now I can save my money in this sweet little lady for my future stash ;)

Thank you so much Jackie!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Comfort Caps

I have been busy sewing.
I have been making comfort caps for a friend of a friend.
Another person who has found out she has breast cancer :(
I wanted to do something special for her, and thought this might help just a little bit.
I like to sew and thought I would put my machine to some use again.
I have found a great pattern here
Comfort Cap and Instructions

If you click on that link, the instructions and download are at the bottom of that page.

They really are quite simple, and the caps can be made up really fast too.

I decided to make three of them.
You should use a knit type fabric. I used Tshirts from Michaels craft store.
(psst!, they are going on sale this weekend, starting Sunday October 4th - Two Tshirts for Five Dollars!)

I cut one part of the pattern out of the front of the Tshirt, and the other part of the pattern out of the back of the Tshirt.
I purchased an Xtra Large Tshirt for an adult sized comfort cap.

I found the breast cancer ribbon pin at the register while I was checking out.

I do hope someday, someone will find a cure for cancer and that eventually no one will ever have to endure this terrible illness. It takes away too many loved ones, many of them much too young.