Monday, September 28, 2009

Out and About

Went on a picture hunt today in my yard...
found some neat opportunities!
Thought I would share :) (Click on photos for larger pictures)


Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is a design by Carriage House Samplings.It is called Quaker House Samplers.
I have changed it up quite a bit. I wanted a more colorful design, and now that it is!
I added some teeny heart buttons, and have decided to make each seperate motif monochrome in color. No particular pattern of colors, just looked in my stash and picked out some bright pretty colors that I liked. :)
I added my families initials to this piece. I really wished that the chart had come with a graph for the initials that are supposed to be over 1, but it did not. So I just backstitched initials.

I have been "junkin" again! I took a trip over to my local Goodwill. I just LOVE that place! I could spend hours upon hours there. You meet the nicest people, and you can find the neatest treasures. As I look at the many items there, I often wonder why people get rid of certain items. I came across a book titled "Grandmother's book" is I believe a book that is supposed to be handed down to a Granddaughter. There were generations of names written in it, and little notes or memories written in it also.As I looked through it, It was hard to believe someone might send this onto me, it would be such a treasure.

I moved onto probably my favorite spot at goodwill, my treasure trove I call it! lol
The area where all the dishes and pots are....I am always on the hunt for corningware! Don't ask me why, I barely use the stuff, and I don't have any room left in my kitchen cabinets!. LOL!!
I just love it, I have a passion for owning it, collecting it. I don't have much of it, I just love the older pieces. It is fun to hunt for it too. :)
Lo and behold! To my surprise, I found a piece yesterday. A very small piece, but still there was one piece of corningware. Probably the size you can use for a dip for chips. The design is one that I have some of at home. It has vegetables on the side of it. It was in perfect shape, and only 2 dollars!
Then, I found a set of three mixing bowls that were so pretty also, they aren't corningware, but I just had to get them. I was surprised someone had also left them there. They look like my good dishes called Blue Danube. I also have a thing for anything Blue and White!
They are in perfect condition.
So pretty!
I also picked up a pretty glass bowl.

I can't wait till my next trip back to Goodwill!, But, this time I will also be bringing my own bag to drop off of things I don't need anymore. :)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RAK Times 2 !

I received the most wonderful surprises in the mail!
My stitching friend Kim sent me this ADORABLE Prim Raggedy Ann embroidered pillow.
She will look so sweet in my home and will be perfect in my Raggedy collection, thank you so very much Kim!

My sweet sister in law Nicole surprised me with a magazine I was on the hunt for! It is called Cloth, Paper, Scissors.
Some really neat things in this issue. Thank you so much Nicole!

I had a wonderful day today celebrating my daughter's birthday. I can't believe she is now 14! It was an early release day from school, I picked her up early and had some fun things planned for her! She came home to balloons in the house waiting for her.We picked up her friend and we went to the pizzeria, then onto bowling, that was a lot of fun :) Then onto Cold Stone Creamery for some yummy ice cream!
Tonight we will have her choice of dinner and a special birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rusting Part 2

I have poured the solution from the glass jar out after 2 days, and set the pins onto some paper towels in the sun to dry for a couple of days.
I did get Rust!
I thought perhaps they would have been a little bit more rusty than they are, but they do seem to look pretty good.
I am thinking of leaving them outside to weather and age a bit more in the elements (rain, sun, etc...)

The picture shows the final results! (click on photo for larger picture)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ida Mae Crow

Yes, I do love birds...I have two pet birds..I just could not resist stitching this darling design by The Goode Huswife called "Ida Mae Crow" :)
Isn't she a sweet bird? Just in time for Fall!
I just finished her up a little while ago.
She is stitched with DMC threads on 25 count Potato Lugana.

I do hope to do something with her soon...
I have been piling up my finished pieces and keeping them safe in a wooden dresser.
I really need to be framing them for all to see, especially me!

I went with my Dear Husband to the antique shop today in search of something...
in search of some old keys..skeleton keys...
I was speaking with my sister in law Nicole about that. ~Waving~ "Hi Nicole!"
Yes, they did have an old ring of them..some old, some not so old..
Connie the owner, wasn't quite sure how old they were.
I wanted to buy them all!! But, I had to control myself. As they say, "less is more"!

Sooooo.....knowing "I" wanted one, and "Nicole" wanted one..
I purchased two.
They are pretty neat I think.
You can see them in the photo with my Ida Mae stitchery.

So, Nicole..will send one of them out to you soon my sweet sista! ;)

For those that may not know,..Nicole is my brothers wife, and actually, she is really like a twin of me! We like all the same things. I only wished we had lived near each other..oh boy, we would be partners in crime. :)

Wishing you all a Blessed night,
With RaggedyStitches,

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

America will never forget this day.
It was the day so many lives were lost.
This video was posted by a friend of mine, and thought I would share it.
It surely brought tears to my eyes.
I still pray for all the families that have lost loved ones.
I will never forget.

Many years ago, while we visited the Statue Of Liberty, I had snapped a picture of my children. They were little back then. My daughter with her Raggedy Ann..that doll traveled with her wherever she went. I realized when looking at the picture...there stood the Twin Towers of New York City behind my children in this very picture.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have researched the art of rusting..and have found a recipe that I decided to try this morning.
It is a two day process, and I hope it really works as the tutorial says!
I gathered up my items and set out to Rust!
I purchased the safety pins at a local dollar store. I have heard the cheaper the better, and they work great for rusting..
Rusted items look great on homemade dolls and pillows.
Really can give that "Primitive" look that I love :)

This is everything in the jar..and what it looked like at the start:

After about an hour or so (I wasn't really watching the clock!)..This is what it looked like when I took a look out back:

Looks like something is in the works!
For the tutorial that I am using for this rusting technique,
you can go to the site I am using:

I will post again when this experiment is done..I will let you know if it worked.
(Keeping my fingers crossed!)


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crafty Avenue

Have you seen this crafty site?
I found this craft site on the internet today..and what a great site it is!!
There are patterns you can order, tutorials, freebies, etc...
Lots of interesting much to see and do, I want to start crafting right now!
I just had to share, couldn't hold in the secret..
it is a great site!
If you want to see this great site,
just click on the link
Crafty Avenue

hope you enjoy!



When we first married, we wanted to take in a pet.
After our honeymoon we settled into our apartment in Florida. I was home a lot in the apartment, and felt that a bird might keep me plenty company while my husband was at work.
My husband Patrick agreed that a bird would be a great companion for us, and a wonderful pet indeed!
So, off we went together to check out some pet stores....
The first one we went to, we saw just two cockatiels...
one of them we really liked a lot.. (which would turn out to be our pet bird) but left to go to other pet stores... we didn't want to rush with this very big decision! We wound up going back to the very first store and purchased what would be a wonderful choice for us.
We bought the bird, and a pretty green cage for him.
As we drove home, we picked a name for him..."SUNNY"..for the circles on his cheeks were as bright as the SUN!

What a wonderful choice we made that very day, all those years ago.
Our dear beloved "SUNNY" is now 23 1/2 years old and has proven to be the BEST and most WONDERFUL pet in the whole world. He has given us so much enjoyment and unconditional love! We taught him how to of those whistles being the tune "here comes the bride". :)

Sunny is now getting older, and you can tell he is slowing down with age.
He doesn't like to be held as much anymore, understandably so.
He is an old man! He has seen a lot in all these years...the comings and goings of all the happenings in our lives, the introductions of our children into our family.
The happy times, the sad times. If only "Sunny" could speak..the things he could tell! We will always love Sunny, he will always be very special to us...
Not everyone might understand this...perhaps only someone with the love of a dear pet.