Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trip to Gastonia North Carolina

I took a trip with my husband Patrick to Gastonia North Carolina this past weekend.
What a nice day trip it was. We first stopped in to see the grounds of the Belmont Abbey College and beautiful Catholic Church that is there. I was able to get some really pretty photos. Our daughter was with us, and we had a really nice time there. The weather was just perfect for walking around the campus, we decided to stay there to have lunch. We also stopped in the Gift shop on campus and picked up some rosary rings for our pockets :)
After our visit there, we drove further down the road and ventured into Mary Jo's Cloth Store , also in Gastonia. This is more like a Warehouse of fabrics. Lots to look at, and you definitely need a lot of time on your hands to be able to look around.
I picked up some things there, like a pair of scissors that I just couldn't resist!
They are the cutest Mundial rooster embroidery scissors. I have been wanting a pair of these for quite some time. I also picked up a couple of pieces of fabric I really liked too. Designs with Ants, ladybugs, and paper dolls too! I also purchased some short beading needles. I never seem to have enough of these for my needlework.
Although it was a long drive away, it was a nice day to take the trip. I like venturing out every once in a while to see other craft or fabric stores that are in North Carolina.



  1. I cannot believe how big that fabric store is...I live in the sticks. And the scissors are so cute.

    The Raggedy Girl- Roberta Anne

  2. I love the ladybug fabric. That is so cute!

  3. So much fun! So glad you had the time to spend with your family! Loving the pictures...


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