Friday, April 3, 2009

Box Full Of Memories and Special Surprises In The Mail...

I received a special box in the mail, and then, I also received another box too!
The first box I received the other day. It was a special box from my dear sister in law Nicole.....It was a very sentimental surprise. As I opened the box, so many memories were brought back to life for me.
Things that I thought were gone forever were sent back to me after all these years.
She knew I had been asking for certain items, and she made sure they came back to me.
She was able to secure certain items and send them my way..thank you Nicole! ;)
here you will see a very special box of goodies that I received this special day..
Look what's inside...My Smurf doll, Yes, I LOVE Smurf's! Mr. Super Pickle!
That was a thing of the 80's too. I couldn't believe he was found!! :)
Nicole even found fabric from when I was little with Raggedy Ann on it. How neat is that! Perfect for my Raggedy Ann stash. She also sent two quilt squares that we believe might have been made by my maternal Grandmother.Nicole also stitched the cutest Prim needle keep for me to keep my needles safe in. She knows how much I LOVE "PRIM" stuff! What was really touching, was what I found at the bottom of the box..there to my surprise where some shirts of my Dad's. It is so nice to finally be able to have "something" of my Father's to hold. This means more to me than anything ever could. For this I thank you Nicole.
What a neat surprise in the mail. My brother married such a sweet girl. Thank you Nicole from the bottom of my heart.

The other box I received is from my dear friend back in Florida, Avona. I sure do miss her! (waving, Hi Avona!!!) She sent me the cutest little cupcake stitched up, look how adorable it is! It is the perfect little pin cushion.
What a sweet surprise to receive in the mail.
She also sent me some great fabric. 25 count lugana potato fabric. Love that potato fabric! Avona, you are the best, thank you so very much.

I am so blessed.
This I know,


  1. I Love You sister! I'd do anything for you, don't forget it.
    Glad you had fun opening the box of loved and not forgotten things. Your treasures will always be safe in my hands...
    far away hugs and Love,

  2. What fun to get boxes of goodies. The Little Buddy here thinks the UPS gives the gifts around here.

    I have to know what "PRIM" is all about?

    Have A Spectacular Saturday
    From Roberta Anne
    "The Raggedy Girl"

  3. "Prim" is just a short term for "Primitive" things!
    Perhaps things from long ago..simple things. Old time looking things.
    Old time stitchery and the likes...
    I just love the look of old samplers and such.
    thanks for your compliments Roberta!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Louise in NC

  4. How exciting! Both packages are full of wonderful keepsakes:)


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