Monday, January 12, 2009

Adventures of Raggedy Ann

While I was shopping with my husband on Saturday, we had visited some local antique shops downtown. I had seen the most beautiful vintage Raggedy Ann sitting in a little chair in this one shop. In my mind I wanted to purchase her, but knowing I had just purchased the framed needlework from the other store, I thought perhaps I should wait.
My husband knew I wanted her! She was the most beautiful Raggedy I had ever laid my eyes on. We had left that store and headed home at the end of that day.
I just could not forget that Raggedy, and the more I thought about her, I knew that my heart was wanting her even more.
I called the store the next day, with no answer..for the store was closed.
I wondered if "Annie" would still be there?
I was able to make the trip to the shop today, being as I was off from work this Monday. As I approached the door of the antique shop, there was a sign that the shop was closed due to a power outage!
The sign said that they would hopefully be able to open by 11am.
I had arrived at 10:30am. I thought perhaps I would just wait outside till the door would be unlocked.
I didn't know if I should peek or not inside the glass door..for if Raggedy Ann wasn't in there, I know my heart would be broken. I so wanted to see her still sitting there waiting for me!
I never felt so strongly about a certain doll like this one before.
There was something about her. I just knew she had to come home with me!
I approached the glass door, and peeked inside...
My heart filled with joy!
There she was, sitting on her little chair, so happy and just waiting..
I could just burst, "would that lady just open this door already"! I thought to myself..

Finally! The owner came and let me in...
What a nice lady she was (Her name was Connie)..although the electric was not on yet, she told me I could come in and look around. I told her what I was there for. She had told me that an antique dealer had brought in the Raggedy Ann doll, and they really don't get many Raggedy Ann dolls in the shop.
The owner let me take pictures of her shop too.
I purchased Annie and thanked the owner for her generosity.

Raggedy Ann is now in her new home and very much loved.
I have searched this very doll on the internet and have found out it is indeed a very old Annie. She is a Georgene doll from the early 1960's.

I don't think she could be any more loved than in this Raggedy Lovers home!

Raggedy Stitches,


  1. how beautiful! That purchase was 'meant to be'. So happy for you!

  2. Oh Louise! She is adorable!!
    Congratulations on finding her:)
    Great story! I love Raggedys too!

  3. That is awesome that you found her. It was fate that you two found each other! Congratulations!

  4. She was just waiting for you! I enjoyed your story of 'finding' each other!

    Mine sits on my shelf... being well loved. :-)

  5. What a wonderful find! As a real-life 'Raggedy Annie', I can appreciate her. I had one as a kid and just loved her to death!

  6. I was so pleased to find your blog.
    I, too, am an Raggedy Ann devotee.
    I have never found a needlepoint or Xstitch design.

    Can you make some recommendations?.

    thanks a heap,
    Dorothy Martin


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