Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Painting Steps

We have decided to paint steps in our home.
I am not sure exactly how it will look in the end..I hope good!
We are ripping off the carpet that was in terrible shape.
I really like a country decor in our I am trying to go with that theme.
I picked out a deep red color (tile red).
Oh, I do hope this will look ok! I have never seen this done in anyone's home before. I guess we might be the first!
We did one step so far.
I am thinking perhaps I will freehand paint some sort of leaves, or pale tan vine or something to give it character along the edges.
If anyone has any tips..please feel free to post ;)

This is what the first step looks like so far.
The wood is pine, and not suitable enough for staining...believe me, if the wood was good enough quality for that, we would have opted to do that instead.

Sooo...for now, we are the house with the red stairway inside!
Raggedy Stitches,


  1. Oooh...those steps are going to look really pretty! A friend of mine has red steps in her house and they look very nice with her country decor.

  2. I think they look great! I love wooden stair steps - carpeted steps are a pain!

    I look forward to finished pictures, especially after you've painted a vine/flower border - you're very talented (I remember the pictures from your half-bath!).

    Lisa (Texan)

  3. I once babysat at a house where the steps were painting.. and the lady had done freehand panting, on her steps. This is gonna be hard to explain, but the paiting was done not on the step itself, but on the vertical part of the next step! Know what I mean?

  4. Your steps are going to look great. Looking forward to seeing pics of it finished.

  5. They Rock!! Love the colour so far. xx

  6. I think they'll look great, and I love the color. Please update us when they're all done.


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